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Business Struggles? The Problem Could be You

Offering a great product or service is not enough to be a successful person owner. If you are confident in what you bring to customers, but are still struggling to grow your business, the problem could be you. Most people are not naturally great businesspeople.

We Can Help

Kellen Consulting Group, a small business consultant Lexington VA uses two approaches to help transform you into a dynamic leader:

Doing Too Much

Even the smallest businesses have to worry about several key areas:

  • Customer service

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Daily operations

  • Staffing

  • Management

  • Financial planning

  • Bookkeeping

  • Payroll

  • Housekeeping

How many of those roles are you trying to handle?

How many people are you overpaying to handle tasks?

Kellen Consulting Group teaches time management strategies Staunton VA.

Businesses Fail from the Top

If your business is struggling, the problem is not:

  • Your customers

  • Your staff

  • Your products

  • Your services

The problem is you. That may seem overwhelming, but it is actually an opportunity. You have the power to change how you lead. Kellen Consulting Group business coaching Lexington VA can help you identify those opportunities.

Think Small, Stay Small

The day-to-day demands of running a small business can stifle innovation and plans to grow. However, because client attrition is natural in all businesses, thinking small means staying small. Staying small means inevitably failing.

Kellen Consulting Group’s business coaching Lexington VA, helps you transition to a growth mindset. Having a growth mindset means you are ready for opportunities when they arise. It also means you are positioned to create your own opportunities.

Challenging Complacency

Customer service is a huge part of running a successful business. The number one complaint that customers have about businesses is when customer service seems lazy.

Kellen Consulting Group’s small business consultant Lexington VA examines how your staff treats your customers. If customers feel like an inconvenience, they will take their business elsewhere.

Customer Attrition

Losing customers is an inevitable part of business. The business cycle means you will naturally lose customers who no longer need your goods or services. You will also find that there are some customers whose demands would make your business unprofitable.

However, losing good customers to competitors can be deadly to a business.

Kellen Consulting Group’s business consulting services Lexington VA will analyze if you are losing customers. If you are, we will develop strategies to increase customer retention and find new customers.

Beyond Referrals

Existing customers are your best source for new customers. However, many small businesses rely too heavily on word-of-mouth or other referrals.

As a business management consultant Lexington VA, we help you identify other ways to inform potential customers about your business.

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