We have more than 80 years of combined experience.


Kelli is a pleasure to work with and a driver of change. While working with me, she built and led highly productive operational teams, and implemented efficient and effective operational processes which helped improve the operating cost structure of the department and company. Kelli is a great team player, an excellent judge of talent, and leader of people.


Scott came in very new and energetic and he observed our logistics processes and asked a lot of questions. His questions led me to take a deeper look at how we had been doing things and ways to improve. He led me to question the status quo and initiate needed change. We became more efficient and saved man-hours along the way.


Scott Kellen is the first management consultant that I felt came from the same philosophical framework as me— put people before profits, prioritize strong foundations over revenue growth. I think a lot of people would want to show you they had the answers, but Scott is more about helping you ask the right questions.


Scott has a way of being a calming influence. He helped me figure out alternatives and had the confidence in me to determine the best way forward. I became a better leader for it.

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