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For Individuals

Business Consulting Services

Kellen Consulting Group helps businesses and individuals achieve peak results by streamlining their processes, priorities, time management strategies, and productivity to maximize their performance and profits.

Improved performance by both businesses and individuals will result in the ability to achieve more in less time, increase productivity and effectiveness, and improve business and team culture.

These goals are achieved through:

  • Professional facilitation of meetings, offsites, retreats, and trainings
  • Consulting on business culture, processes, operations, strategy, mission, and vision
  • Coaching to maximize communication, collaboration, and results
  • Training on all aspects of business planning, business processes, leadership and management development, and team development
  • Psychometric assessments to increase goal achievement and business results through improved communication and collaboration
  • Keynote speaking
  • Mastermind group facilitation


For Individuals
  • Professional training on identified areas of growth and opportunity
  • Coaching to maximize personal growth, communication, collaboration, and achievement of personal goals
  • Psychometric assessments to increase self-awareness, goal achievement, and desired personal results

The Next Step in Personality Assessments

If you are like most of us, you know your Myers Briggs personality type. In fact, if you are like most people, you know what Myers Briggs personality type your favorite character from your favorite TV show, book, or movie is. That information can be a lot of fun, but when was the last time it helped you run your business?

Personality Assessments

The problem with traditional personality assessments is that they provide you with information, but they do not tell you how to use that information. For example, once you know an employee is introverted, how do you apply that knowledge to still maximize their customer service potential? When you know the various personality types of your employees, how do you put them together to create a team that works together seamlessly. Most personality assessment tools never make it to that step.

Unlocking the Potential of Personality

That flaw means some businesses abandon the role that personality assessments can play in developing a business.

When used properly, personality assessments help you:

  • Hire the right individuals

  • Develop existing employees

  • Build teams that will work well together

  • Enhance communication to improve workplace culture

However, to get those results you need to use the right assessment tool. You also need to know what to do with the information you learn during the assessment.


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Do You Know What

You Don't know?

At Kellen Consulting Group, we are big believers in the idea that to fix the problem, you have to identify the problem.

Working with business owners, one of the biggest challenges we face is getting our clients to realize when they are the problem.

Many people take it as criticism, which can make it hard to move forward.

However, understanding what creates challenges for an individual is the first step in resolving those challenges.

Core Energy Coaching™ focuses on discovering root causes and changing them.

Root Cause Analysis for People

Root cause analysis refers to a group of approaches that people use to discover the cause of problems. Root cause analysis is often focused on processes and components. Replacing faulty components or fixing broken processes are ways to improve performance.

However, root cause analysis sometimes reveals that people are the problems. Even great employees may have blocks that prevent them from excelling in a particular work scenario.

iPEC’s Energetic Self Perception Chart - The Foundation of Core Energy™️ Coaching

A Multi-Dimensional Approach

One of the observations that we get is that Core Energy Coaching™ sounds more like counseling than traditional business coaching. There is a reason for that.

Core Energy Coaching™ was developed using a multi-dimensional approach.  It draws components from:

  • Learning theory
  • Consulting
  • Mentoring
  • Psychotherapy
  • Leadership Development
  • Metaphysics

The goal is to challenge the core beliefs that are preventing you from getting to the next level in business.

Inner Goals and Outer Goals

Traditional professional coaching focuses on helping clients achieve specific goals, such as promotions.

Core Energy Coaching™ is able to help people achieve those goals, but it is not a goal-oriented strategy. Instead, it is focused on removing internal blocks to success.

Much of it involves challenging outdated internal beliefs.

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